Our present Western culture places strong emphasis upon sports and academics. Sportademics.com embodies the pursuit of excellence within sports and academics at all ages and levels. Learning and competing for health and competition is evidenced by kindergarten recess tag and first grade spelling bees - culminating in seniors running ultra marathons and obtaining on line educational degrees. Sports and academics are inseparable - growing and maintaining the health of the human mind and body in tandem. Finishing 3rd in a math competition in 5th grade for a specific individual may be a monumental event - similar to a middle aged adult finishing a full triathlon. Both events allow the true individual potential/capability in tandem of the human mind and body. Barring disease the human mind is highly capable of learning until the very end of life - in practical, academic, and creative manners. Many senior tour players in sports such as golf are playing considerably better than their comparable play at youth. Creative knowledgeable artists and scientists make their biggest human contribution statistically at the end of life. The pursuits of excellence in sports/health through nutrition and exercise, lifelong learning, and the innate desire to create begins at preschool and grows throughout the adult years. The Sportademics.com website aims to achieve in all ages innovative and alternative enjoyable methods to appreciate and develop one's full potential within sports and academics. Enjoy our content and products aiming to enhance your life through the true synergy of sports and academics - Sportademics. "GET ON YOUR GAME!"