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Failure or inadequate launching for a youth into real adulthood occurs in 67% of youth - meaning returning home after college, attempted college, graduate school, or failed job, etc.. WE as a society are poorly preparing our youth for the REAL WORLD. College professors, guidance counselors, parents, peers, teachers, and media provide global poor insight into careers. The reality is that youth/students enter the real world after high school and College/Trade School in high percentages unprepared to take on adult life and become self supportive. DO NOT allow yourself to enter this la la land of a 20 SOMETHING trying to find oneself. Get a grip - study careers - shadow professionals - find a CAREER field in which you can excel - whether it is a brake mechanic or a neurosurgeon. Develop a niche of yourself with growing confidence! Again DO NOT enter la la land of NOT knowing what you want to do or where you want to go. This is serious stuff BECAUSE:

Failure of deciding on a CAREER leads to multiple schools, confusion, interpersonal relationship issues - like divorce, poor finances, drug issues and digging inescapable holes. DECIDE to forgo this misinformed career route. YES, as a birthday, graduation or Christmas gift request the Sportademics.com career book series. This is EASILY the best investment you will ever make for yourself and family.

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